Thursday, 25 May 2017


This badge was shown to me when I was 8. 

A girl was visiting our unit from England. 
I remember not wanting to leave as she was so much fun even tho her uniform was brown. 

I returned to my Brownie unit to start my leadership journey, there I found the badge. 
Remembering the friendship I formed with the girl, my old brownie leader gave it to me. 
This badge sits on my leaders tab, so I never forget the girl from England. 

Today I took it off, to the 1st Tarleton brownie leaders; stand strong it's not your fault. 
I cannot fathom the amount of pain you are going through. 
To the brownies; I have no words. You're probably too young to understand what has happened. 
I hope you keep going to brownies, have fun and advocate to stop the violence. 
To the parents, I can only imagine your pain. 

As a lover of music, it should never bring pain or sadness. 
As a girl guide this makes me sad, this is the reality faced by girls every day. 

I wear this badge today for my little sister Saffie 
For my sisters of the 1st Tarleton 
For all my sisters in guiding facing violence.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Exams and stuff

So here we are, its that time for the year where we are all beginning to stress out over exams, and I say that as someone that stressed to the max about what I needed to do, what I needed to know, and of course as someone who has managed to get through 4 years at MAGS – not so sure about the fifth one though.

So here is what I have learnt:

1.     Study always – you don’t need to be constantly reading over notes to be studying, at lunch time talk to your friends about what you have just learnt about, your classmates may be able to give you a new perspective on what you have just learnt.
2.     Do no be afraid – there is no shame in going to homework clubs, to sit in classes/ hallways at lunch. Most of all THERE IS NO SHAME IN ASKING TEACHERS FOR HELP. This is something I cannot stress enough, if you are in year 10 and don’t understand something feel free to ask past teachers or your friends teacher, sometimes a different voice is what you need.
3.     Small steps are better than no steps – if you have memorised one quote today or one definition or one concept, you have done a whole world better than someone who has done nothing. Don’t overwhelm yourself.
4.     Take it with a grain of salt. All of your teacher will say that their subject is the best, but you really need to hone in on subjects you find hard or ones that are coming first. If you have English first, don’t spend 30mins learning how to divide fractions!
5.     Take your class time seriously, make sure that you are taking good quality notes and having debriefs at the end of the day or even at lunch with your friends.

On the day of the exam.
1.     Get enough sleep.
2.     Eat well. For cheese sake, please do not skip breakfast the day of your exam. Do not have a heavy dinner the night before and HAVE A WATER BOTTLE.
3.     Have flash cards or small notes to trigger your brain. Memorising a whole essay is just not realistic.

Below are some links to websites that really help.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour,

Yr 13 

Mythology in Motion Dance Concert

On Tuesday 11th April, a large bunch of MAGS students put on a mystical and magical show at AGS. Dancers from every year level produced a unique performance that told a myth with their bodies. In preparation for the show, each dance class either choreographed or learnt a dance and practised it up until the night of the show. Most dances were contemporary. Everyone worked hard and did their very best. Of course none of this would of been possible without the help and encouragement of Miss French and Ms Cesan. Friends, family, staff and classmates all turned up to see the show - it was a sell out.  

Monday, 20 March 2017

Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm a year 9 at MAGS this year. I like reading and writing so I am glad to be able to join the blog club now in my first year at MAGS. I play the clarinet and the piano, and I am competing in the New Zealand Spelling Bee. I'm excited to be in the blog club this year, so you'll be hearing more from me! 

All about me!

Hi, my name is Ella and I love to read and write, although I love maths as well. I am in Dance Academy, I am starting Netball in term 2, and I am currently practising for the New Zealand Spelling Bee. I like swimming and I have a Guinea Pig named Mr Cuddles! This year I would like to write about major school events and do some reviews/recommendations. I also love taking photos, so hopefully I will be posting some interesting ones. I look forward to writing about our amazing school!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

MAGS Film Night 2016

Finally I can share with some (not all) of the MAGS great Film Night presentations. Enjoy.

Friday, 28 October 2016

What to conclude?

If everyone has come to the same conclusion, then surely that conclusion must be true. But if everyone has come a conclusion because everyone else has come to that conclusion, then surely it can not be the truth, can it?